Soils, Erosion & Climate Change

Erosion of soil is a major issue for urban areas and agricultural, mining and our recreational landscape. C&ES specialise in using landform water sensitive design to limit the potential of soil loss through erosion by stormwater and rainfall runoff. Our clients receive advice and implementation guidance to establish soil conservation and erosion controls or monitoring soil loss and waterway health. Soil loss occurs through erosion caused by water. Water running into drains and creeks carrying sediment and the amount of moisture retained in the soil are key aspects for landscape, site rehabilitation and revegetation planting programs. C&ES specialise in developing adaptive management solutions for our changing climate.


Ecology and sustaining existing and new environments is a key component of the regulatory approval conditions granted for major projects. C&ES provide services to major projects to build baseline data studies for vegetation flora and fauna assessment with ongoing support for environmental monitoring programs. Know what is in your backyard, know what should and should not be present. Learn how to manage all aspects of wildlife and vegetation so they may live alongside each other in a balanced and sustainable way.

Coal Ash

Consulting & Environmental Services advocate use of coal ash materials for agriculture and horticulture and other land application opportunities. We offer technical support providing materials assessments to compare and identify the potential for these products. Our services include managing product supply information and compliances to Environment Protection Authority (EPA) waste regulation being responsibilities required through resource recovery orders and exemption reporting to support all land based applications of the coal ash.

Soils, Wastes & Contamination

Our professional service is within the scope of a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS-Soil Science Australia). Supporting qualifications include Master of Sustainable Agriculture, PhD environmental studies and in maintaining the speciality requirements when accredited for Contaminated Site Assessment and Management (CSAM- Soil Science Australia). C&ES provide for the assessment and validation of soils through the Resource Recovery Regulations. Soil validations include certification for Excavated Natural Material (ENM) and Virgin Excavated Material (VNEM).

Using wastes for land and soil application is a good thing, but you will need the approvals from your Council and validations showing test reports that the soils you want to use are not contaminated. C&ES will ensure you have the testing and permissions so that you do not contravene the environmental rules and regulations.

Technical Services

Consulting & Environmental Services (C&ES) specialise in technical reports, reviews and data interpretation for soil sampling, water quality assessment, multivariate statistics and the surface water management calculations of the Neutral or Beneficial (NorBe) requirements. We advocate the Yeomans Keyline and Natural Sequence Farming as guiding theoretical principles for all water sensitive design and management solutions, including subdivision design. Our team has the technical information to support your project. We collaborate with various specialists in soil conservation, survey, re-vegetation, planning and heritage, environmental chemistry, and geochemistry and wetlands and water treatment design.