Soil Testing

Soil science provides a broad suite of testing options that are used to assess the biological, chemical and physical properties of soils. C&ES will conduct soil sampling and arrange analytical testing either as a basic suite to understand either the limitations to soil fertility, the potential of erosion and soil loss or to identify the capacity of soils to improve plant growth. Consideration is also given to disposal of wastes and applied waters.

Our services include sampling and analysis for farm production, contaminated soils, remediated soils, manufactured soils, wastewater irrigated soils.

Local Council Approvals

We can assist in the documentation and applications when there is a need for local council development approval. We also provide the site reports for onsite wastewater systems, flora and fauna studies, silt and sediment control planning, and statements of environmental effect. Need to prove your development proposal will have Neutral or Beneficial Effect (NorBe)? We provide modelling outputs for stormwater and wastewater that will meet Sydney Catchment Authority requirements.

Soil & Land Report

C&ES provide building and property reports for pre-purchase or your development proposals. Our clients include developers of rural, residential, commercial or industrial properties. A soil and land report will focus on soil and landform issues that will determine the suitability of the site for the proposed uses. These can include soil depth and structure, soil fertility and biological activity.

Validation & Certification

C&ES provide soil testing, site management and project review for contamination assessment and the validation of soils to ensure they do not contain contaminants.

Using wastes for land and soil application is a good thing, but you will need the approvals from your Council and validations showing test reports that the soils you want to use are not contaminated.

C&ES will ensure you have the testing and approvals so that you do not contravene the environmental rules and regulations.


Ecology is a major component for major projects. We provide services that build from baseline data studies for vegetation flora and fauna assessment and provide environmental monitoring programs to support project approval.

Environment & Management

Consulting & Environmental Services will work with you to develop an environmental management system to standard ISO 14001. We provide support to for your project with the documentation for operational and environmental management plans, the implementation procedures to support those plans, the monitoring programs and the review requirements in a total package of environmental management services.